Why Exercise Is a Road to Pride

I can speak about this topic as a man only. I am not sure if this works in the same way for men as for women, of course, because I’m not a woman. I’d guess it probably does at least for some, perhaps all, but at least some. If what I’m about to say doesn’t apply as closely to women, I’d guess there is another paralleling theme. I do see us as more the same than different.

That said, exercise is hard work, and hard work is something you can and WILL be proud of.

We have created technology beyond the wildest dreams of our ancestors. Technology that has improved lives worldwide primarily by lessening the pain associated with hard work. I’m not saying there isn’t hard work left to do. Men and women work hard everyday. I am saying though that most jobs have been made easier with technology. We have tractors and cranes. We have computers and communications.

We have eliminated much of the in-your-face every-day, “can’t feed my family if I don’t face them”, pains. Pains that, for our ancestors, just felt like life. But for us today would be devastating. Inasmuch, we are out of touch with those pains, and as a result out of touch with the pride that came with them. The pride that comes with knowing you accomplished something you worked hard for.

We are often not proud of ourselves.

This is an unfortunate fact. It occurs as a symptom of avoiding pain. To avoid pain we must avoid the hard work that creates the pain. It is through hard work we respect ourselves and garner the respect of others.

This is one way in which exercise can come into play.

Exercise is hard work. Exercise is painful. The benefits of exercise are immense. A healthier heart, a healthier mind, a healthier view of yourself and your life, these are all things achievable with exercise. AND as a man (or person) you get to experience the pride, in yourself, that comes along with that hard work. It is my contention that, as a man, you CANNOT live happy without that pride.

Make a commitment to yourself today to do something you’ll be proud of. Go exercise!

It doesn’t matter to me what type of exercise appeals to you. Go lift. Go run. Go HIIT.

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Whenever someone tells me they're unhappy, I always ask, "How often do you exercise?" There is nothing more important to your happiness than your brain chemistry. Protect your brain chemistry.

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