⭐FFF7 with Sean Light is BACK!!!⭐⁠ Starts Today!

Fast & Furiously Fit is back for SEASON 7!

Join BodyRock Trainer Sean Light for these intermediate-level workouts designed to supercharge your fit goals—whatever they are. Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, improve your endurance, power, or cardiovascular health, this series is your ticket to fit. ⁠

What’s New in FFF Season 7?⁠

Sean’s designed these workouts to be short—super short—coming, at around 23 minutes per class. Not only is this length perfect for busy lives, but it’s just the right amount of time and intensity for those of us who practice intermittent fasting since shorter, more intense workouts can help maximize your lean gains. ⁠

Each class also systematically trains your beautiful bod using powerful compound moves and Sean’s signature exercise innovation. Trust us: you’ve never moved like this before!⁠

First-class is FREE!
Link: http://bit.ly/FFF7CLASS1

**After that, Join for only $4.99!!
Use code: FEELGOOD
Link: https://bit.ly/BRFeelGood

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