1 Tip To More Muscle - Find Out How Long Your Workout Should Be


Back for another entry on the muscle building AthLEAN-X Training Blog. This one covers two common questions in one shot. Those being…”How do I build more muscle fast?” and “How long should my workout be?”. It really comes down to something called Time Under Tension.

Go watch the average person working out in the gym and time how long it takes him or her to complete a set. The results might shock you. It takes the average person around 20-25 seconds to perform one set. Now, with hard scientific proof that shows that this is only about half as long as is needed to build real muscle mass fast, it’s no wonder most people are running into a brick wall with their results.

Watch this video and make sure to add your comments below. How long does it take you to perform your sets? How long does it take you to workout?

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