1 Total Body Exercise to Test Your "ATHLETIC" STRENGTH!

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Total body exercise options have the biggest ability to help you build new muscle since they integrate many muscle groups together into one exercise. That said, when it comes to building strength, you have lots of options. Not just in the number of exercise choices you have but also the type of strength that you’re looking to build. To me, there are two types of strength…brute strength building exercises and athletic strength building exercises.

For an exercise to help you build athletic strength it has to be able to challenge you in all three planes of motion. 3-D Strength as I like to call it. When an exercise challenges you in all three planes it helps you to integrate muscles together that often prefer to work together. In doing so, the end result is a total body exercise that can help you grow bigger AND more functional and athletic at the same time.

This is the premise of ATHLEAN-X Training. Training like an athlete so that you can look like an athlete. To have a physique full of athletic muscle you have to train with athletic exercises.

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