10 Best Mobility | Flexibility Drills (PRE-WORKOUT)

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The best mobility and flexibility drills are those that take the least amount of time to perform and deliver the most bang for your buck when it comes to getting you ready for your next workout. In this video, I cover the 10 best mobility and flexibility drills that you can do prior to your workout as a quick 5 minute warmup that will get you ready to perform your best.

The added benefit of the exercises and stretches shown in this routine is that they all flow in one sequence. You won’t need any equipment to do these and you will be able to do this anywhere. No need to spend long doing this either. The Matrix is meant to be completed in just minutes so that you can spend the rest of your time focusing on your training rather than turning your warmup into a workout in and of itself.

To start this flowing mobility routine you perform the inchworm for 10 reps. The inchworm is a great drill for stretching out the entire posterior chain. Reach down for the floor and begin walking your hands out away from your feet until you get into a full pushup position. You aren’t just stretching your hamstrings and back (by trying to keep your knees pressed back) but you are working on your shoulder stabilization as well from the compression you get in your shoulders from the floor.

Next, you get into the 90/90 position for your hips. This is a tremendous drill for hitting the internal and external rotators of the hips while getting the added benefit of a posterior shoulder capsule and lat stretch. You aim for 5 reps on each leg here before smoothly moving onto the next exercise in the flow, the rolling crucifix.

This next mobility drill is great for working on the ability of your spine to assume proper mobility. Keep your hands high overhead so you can reinforce the thoracic extension in your mid back as you reach and rotate your trunk. You should feel rotation of the mid back as well and a release of the lumbar spine during every rep.

From here you proceed into the reverse table position and continue working on improving your thoracic rotation and extension while getting the additional activation of your glutes. This overly dormant muscle group gets the benefit of being turned on and coordinates with an active stretch of the hip flexors on the other side of the joint during the press up portion of this exercise.

You next assume the standing position and perform the 3 way lunge. The one two combination of having additional glute activation in multiple planes along with the stretch of the groin and adductor muscles is an incredible asset to this flowing matrix. The adductors tend to get very tight but are also often times ignored when it comes to getting your legs ready for training.

The mobility drills and flexibility stretches continue and work on your shoulders, elbows, and ankles to finish out this 10 exercise routine. No stone is left unturned and all of this can be done in less than ten minutes. If you are looking for a way to get your body ready to train rather than using a warmup that winds up becoming a workout in and of itself, then you have found the solution in the Matrix.

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