10 Biggest WORKOUT FAILS (Dangerous!!)

Stop wasting time making mistakes in your workouts (fail this way instead!)

Workout fail videos are always some of the most watched on youtube. Probably has something to do with the fact that they are pretty damn funny! What isn’t funny is the fact that the most common workout fails are the ones that never get put in a compilation video. These are the exercise mistakes that are made every single day in the gym and affect way more than just one random person.

In this workout fail compilation video I go over what I feel are the true fails when it comes to working out. These are the common errors made in each muscle group that hold guys back from getting the best results from their hard work.

We cover what I feel are the ten biggest workout fails…

1. The chin up reach – thinking that you are getting your body up to the bar and actually getting it there are two completely different things, and your back knows it! Stop reaching with your chin and actually use your lats to pull you all the way up to the bar.

2. The Traps Trap – substituting traps for medial deltoid is one of the biggest shoulder workout fails you can make. Stop doing it by leaning to the same side as the weight during the lateral raise.

3. The triceps extension is one of the most “failed” exercises. People tend to keep their upper arm too upright at the end of the movement which takes away all of the tension on the triceps. Keep your upper arm angled back more to keep the stress where it needs to be, and get bigger triceps because of it.

4. Most have seen the guy who drops the weights off the end of the bar when bench pressing, but what I think is worse is the guy that arches his back in an effort to shorten the distance for the bar to travel. Not necessary. Don’t lower the bar so much and you’ll not only save your back but your shoulders as well.

5. Biceps curls are the most common gym workout fail exercise. People just swing way too much. I for one don’t think that swinging much in the beginning is that bad, but doing it at the end of the rep is. See how to fix it with the wall curl variation.

6. The hanging leg raise is named wrong. It should be the hanging pelvis curl since that is the only way to really target your abs. This ab workout fail will hold you back from seeing a six pack fast.

7. Cervical crunches are torture on your neck! It’s worse than lots of the typical gym fail exercises that have the bar come crashing down on the guy in the squat rack because the person doing it rarely knows that they’re doing damage.

8. The RDL lends itself to some common back workout fails. To prevent this, be sure that you’re not leaning too far forward at the waist and instead hinge at your hips to keep your back safe, and the hamstrings doing the work.

9. The biggest workout fail for the shoulders is forgetting to work the anterior deltoids specifically (they don’t get enough work indirectly despite what you’ve been told). Second, cheating the way up is a recipe for disaster. Instead, lighten the weights you’re lifting and do this right or you’ll wind up getting hurt.

10. Finally, the back squat fail is quite common. I think, instead of crashing under the bar that doing the exercise without enough hip flexion is more serious. Fix this fail by sitting back and down, with equal parts hip and knee flexion.

As you can see, workout fails don’t always have to be dramatic or even funny. In fact, they can be very serious if done over time since you’ll not only wind up getting hurt but you’ll never get the results you were looking for. Stop failing the wrong way and start training to failure the right way. Head to http://athleanx.com/x/fail-the-right-way to get the ATHLEAN-X Training System

For other workout fail prevention tips and videos on nutrition and supplementation, be sure to subscribe to our channel on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

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