2010 Military Challenge | Bodybuilding.com Commercial

At Bodybuilding.com we believe a solid exercise, nutrition and supplement plan is critical to a healthy body. We also believe the right level of motivation is equally important. The U.S. Military relies on this level of physical fitness and leadership to develop the perfect soldier.

The “Military Challenge” was designed to find the best of the best from the U.S. Military. This includes not only the ability to get in to great shape, but also the ability to show leadership in motivating their fellow soldiers.

The “Military Challenge” seeks to find the best combination of both these traits in identifying the “Bodybuilding.com Military Spokesperson” of the Year. The Top Male, Female and Best Overall Unit will be chosen.

Entry forms need to be submitted no later than 11:59 pm EST on August 1, 2010. The contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on October 10, 2010.

Get results of the contest at http://bit.ly/aJuFDm

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