2012 Bodybuilding.com Employee Transformations

To learn more about everyone that Transformed go here: http://bbcom.me/MZaE1V

Each year in January, the employees of Bodybuilding.com are invited to compete in a transformation challenge. This year, we had more people complete the transformation than ever before, and we’re proud to share the results with you.

Twelve weeks of eating clean, intense training and mental toughness makes a great company even greater. Mutual support and encouragement between co-workers was not only fundamental to our success in our transformations, but is key in our ability to serve customers like you.

Our transformations helped us to live our customer experience. We followed 12-week trainers, perused our articles for recipes and workouts, used BodySpace for motivation and tracking, and selected products to help us meet our goals.

As a company, we lost 837 pounds, and on average, every person lost 6% body fat.

Each of us had a reason to change and a story of success. Each of us is proud to say we work for the fittest company in America!

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