3-D BICEPS EXERCISE - Make Those Biceps "POP" With This 1 Exercise!

Build 3-D BICEPS with http://athleanx.com/x/get3dbiceps

There are biceps exercises and then there are BICEPS EXERCISES. What’s the difference? It’s that the only bicep exercise that is capable of building bigger biceps is one that trains the muscle exactly the way that it is physiologically built to be trained.

Let me explain. The biceps muscle functions to flex the elbow as it does in a traditional barbell curl or concentration curl, supinate the wrist (meaning to turn the wrist upwards as you can with a dumbbell), and flex the shoulder. It’s this last one that tends to trip up some who do bicep workout after bicep workout but never seem to get results.

In order to get the best results from your biceps exercises and to make them pop you should be focusing on exercises that include ALL three movements in one. That’s what this 3-D biceps exercise does.

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