3 Exercise Core Killer - No Crunch Core Workout

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Most trainers recommend ab workouts to strengthen your core, and do so with nothing but crunches and other core workout staples. The problem is, to effectively train the core you actually don’t want to do just crunches. You need to work the stability of the lower back, obliques, hips, glutes and abs in order to completely train the core. Then and only then can you expect to have a foundation of core stability in place that you can work on developing a solid six pack on. Make sense?

Well, in order to do that…to develop a set of impressive six pack abs you need to know the difference between ab strength and ab stability. We have already discussed the need for ab stability through plank type exercises, however in order to build ab strength you need to incorporate exercises that require you to overcome the inertia or sticking point of the muscle.

Examples of these type of core exercises are:

Hanging leg raises (for the abs and obliques)
Hanging knee raises (slightly easier but still for the abs and obliques)
Reverse Crunches on a decline bench (lower abs exercise)

Pairing these up with an effective oblique and core stability program allows you to get the best of both worlds. A strong core and a set of six pack abs. All of course providing you’re watching what you’re eating and keeping your nutrition in check. But that goes without saying at this point.

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