4 Causes of UNEVEN MUSCLES (and how YOU can FIX them!)

Muscle imbalances holding back your muscle size and strength? Fix them here…

Muscle imbalances and uneven muscle development can impact the strength, endurance and shape. Most often, the wrong workout program is to blame, since it pushes you to do too many reps of the wrong exercises, which creates this uneven shift.

To fix your uneven muscles you have to first identify what type of muscle imbalance you have. Is it a strength imbalance? Is one arm bigger than the other? Is one pec bigger than the other? Is your overall muscle size just flat out uneven? Do you fatigue on one side faster than the other?

All of these are quite common, but they are all fixable or at least able to be improved greatly.

I present techniques that you can use in each one of the circumstances that I just mentioned above. We cover neurologic strength reasons for left vs right side discrepancies, circulatory reasons for faster fatigue right vs left, coordination and joint mechanics, and finally genetics.

That said, if you are still using the wrong workout program (one that hasn’t been created by a sports medicine professional with a physical therapy background – yes…those fitness “gurus” reading a few magazines doesn’t count) then you are eventually going to regenerate the same muscle imbalances and asymmetry.

It’s time to fix those forever. If you haven’t already joined TEAM ATHLEAN, then it’s time you do. Head to http://athleanx.com/x/fixyourmuscles and see what it’s like to overlook nothing in your workouts and to start training like an athlete.

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