4 Reasons Why Caffeine Makes Workouts Better | Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

Caffeine is more than just a pick-me-up. Learn how it can improve your lifts and enhance your results every time you hit the gym.
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Caffeine is one of the most studied supplements out there. Piles of research demonstrate its safety and effectiveness. Research even demonstrates the health benefits of consuming caffeine.

But if you’re on this site and taking caffeine, you’re probably less interested in health benefits and more interested in performance benefits. I’m here to cover the four reasons why caffeine makes workouts better.

| 4 Reasons Why Caffeine Makes Workouts Better |
1. More Energy (00:34)
2. Increased Strength (01:03)
3. More Endurance (01:31)
4. Less Muscle Soreness (02:19)

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