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Get ready to feel the pain Nation! This workout comes complete with the ultimate upper body challenge. But before you even begin the grueling circuit of 4 rounds of 4 exercises, you must complete 50 pull-ups as fast as possible! Whether it takes 5 minutes or 30minutes, it will be up to you to push yourself until you finish them all! As soon as you complete the pull-up challenge, our full body circuit will push your muscular endurance even harder! Do you have what it takes to reap the rewards of hard work? Only one way to find out! Tear it up and try to beat your completion time each time you attempt this workout! #HTH

• 4 rounds
• 4 exercises
• Little to no rest between sets

(1:23)- 50 Pull-Up Challenge!

(4:57)- Routine sets & reps!
(5:07)- Single-Arm Push-Up (5 reps per side)
• Modifier- Perform 20 – 30 regular push-ups

(6:24)- Dumbbell Squat Into Overhead Press (15 reps)
(7:42)- Weighted Leg-Lift (15 reps)
• Modifier- Perform 20 – 30 reps hanging leg-lifts

(8:49)- Alternating Dumbbell Lateral & Front Raise (15 reps)

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