6 Minute Ab Workout (THE ONLY ONE YOU'LL NEED!)

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Most ab workouts miss the mark by focusing too much on only one or two functions of the abs. If you want to get a complete ab workout however, you have to be sure you include exercises that hit all of the major roles of the abs and obliques. In this 6 minute ab workout, I give you both a beginner and advanced version of the abs exercises to be sure you get the most out of it no matter what level you are at right now.

Given the way the exercises are structured, you would likely never need another ab workout again since every function of the abs is addressed. That said, you should never rest on your laurels when it comes to building a bigger, faster, stronger version of yourself. If you are a beginner, try to work your way up to the more advanced versions of the ab exercises shown here. If you are advanced, progress to the point where you can add another round of the exercises or minimize your rest time between them.

There is always a way to increase the difficulty of the ab workout you are doing, and in doing so, ensure your progress. If you want to get a ripped six pack fast, you have to be sure that your ab workouts are challenging to you. Simply banging away at rep after rep of ab exercises is not going to be enough to help you get a six pack. Your ab workouts need to hit your core from every angle.

This particular ab workout is just 6 minutes long. Believe it or not, you can even find effective ab workouts that are slightly shorter (4 minute abs or 5 minute abs are even potentially effective if developed correctly). The key is that you need to consistently perform your ab workouts and aim to complete them up to 6 or 7 days a week while following a healthy eating plan and diet.

Here is the ab workout featured in this video:

Cyclone Leg Raises / Reverse Corkscrews – (30 seconds each side) to hit your lower abs and obliques.

Jumping Sledgehammers / Stepping Sledgehammers (30 seconds each side) for standing rotational and anti rotational ab work

Thread the Needle / Side Plank Hold (30 seconds each side) for standing rotational and anti rotational ab work

21 Crunch / Legs Straight 21 Crunch (60 seconds) for a top down and midrange exercise

Cliffhanger Walkout / On Knees (60 seconds) for anti extension

Knee Slide Tucks / Knee Across (30 seconds each side) for bottom up rotation and anti extension

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