6 Pack Ab Exercise - Standing Planks! (AWESOME)

Get ripped, athletic 6 pack abs by training like an athlete here…

Getting a ripped 6 pack relies on your ability to do two things. The first is that you have to have a good nutrition plan that allows you to strip away the body fat in order to reveal your cut, shredded abs beneath. The second and no less important thing is you must train your abs athletically. In this video, I show you how to start trading in traditional ab exercises for more athletic ab exercises to help you get your 6 pack faster.

The plank is a basic ab exercise that has become a staple of many modern day ab workout routines, for good reason. This core movement teaches you how to activate your transverse abdominus and build core stability as opposed to just focusing on flexing your spine through traditional crunches. That said, it isn’t a very functional ab movement. The very fact that you perform it laying on your stomach as opposed to on your feet builds in some instant limitations.

In order to fix the plank and make it much more athletic, you can do what I call the standing plank. This ab exercise can be done with just a band, a pullup bar and something to wrap your band around. I demonstrate using a bar but you can easily do this with a broomstick, mop, or even a baseball bat. Simply wrap the band around one end of the dowel as I show you in the video. Then take the other end of the band and anchor it to a pullup bar or something equally stable.

From here you want to push out on the anchored side of the band as you attempt to keep your shoulders squared up and facing forward. This immediately gets the abs and the obliques on the same side firing and working to prevent you from forcefully rotating back in the direction of the band. Try to build up your strength over time on this move by holding for longer and longer each time and eventually stepping further away from the bar to increase the force of the band that your abs need to resist.

In order to get a ripped 6 pack you need to supplement this type of training with a solid nutrition plan. The ATHLEAN-X Training system available at http://athleanx.com provides you with both. With over 125 unique core crushing ab exercises as well as a step by step, day by day nutrition plan you will get ripped while building pounds of athletic muscle.

Stop doing old traditional ab exercises in pursuit of your six pack, and expecting your results to change. If you want to change the type of success you’re seeing from your ab workouts you will need to alter the way you train your abs in the first place. Hopefully this video is a good starting point for you to do just that.

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