6 PACK ABS with Your iPhone - The "6 Pack Promise" Abs App is Here!

Get Your 6 Pack Abs Here: http://6packpromise.com

6 Pack abs are the goal of most every guy that hits the gym each week trying to carve out a ripped core. The fact is, there are so many options for getting your abs but far too few that actually work to deliver a true 6 pack.

Not anymore. You have the #1 weapon for getting abs fast at your disposal and it’s called the “6 Pack Promise” ab training app by ATHLEAN-X!

With an unlimited number of 6 pack abs workouts at the tap of a finger you’ll be able to get an impressive set of abs in an average of just 6-7 minutes a day 4-5 times per week. With ab searing exercises like the Crucifix, the Hanging Bat Crunch and Rib Crushers, the 6 Pack Abs Promise is sure to help you in your quest for that elusive set of rock hard abdominals.

Let celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere, the creator of the ATHLEAN-X Training System, guide you step by step to your new impressive abs! Are you ready to make a promise? It’s time to make the 6 Pack Promise to yourself and start your quest to the most impressive abs you’ve ever had. Head to http://6packpromise.com

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