7 Core Exercises for Low Back Pain (IMPORTANT!)

Get ripped abs and a strong core training like an athlete

Do you have low back pain or tight hip flexors and have been told you need to do more core exercises to get your core strong and get rid of your problems? If so, you need to watch this video and see the truth about ab and core training when it comes to lower back pain and lower body tightness.

Your body craves stabilization, particularly in the area of the spine. If you have any type of instability in this crucial area, your body will find ways to compensate to create the strength that you lack. In the best case scenario, your abs and core would be providing the stability that your spine needs. Unfortunately, often times this is not the case. Weak core muscles and abs in particular can cause your body to seek out alternative muscles to provide the help that is sorely needed.

The hip flexors are prime targets of this request. This becomes problematic since the hip flexors attach to the sides of your lumbar vertebrae. When these muscles tighten up in order to provide additional stability they begin to pull on the vertebra in your lower back and lead to imbalance and often times pain. The stabilization is there, but it’s not coming from the right muscles, and this is a problem.

So, what are we told to do to rectify the back pain we are feeling from having tight hip flexors and a tight low back? We are told to stretch the muscles in our hips and lower back. This is a big problem and actually the exact opposite of what you need to do to overcome your problem. You have to stop looking solely at the site of the symptoms and instead look for the cause. In this case, you would have seen that the weak abs are a root of the issues you are having in your hip flexors and lower back.

But it’s not that simple. Maybe you are told correctly that you have to get stronger abs and a strong core so you start doing all kinds of ab exercises to help you do that. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong ab exercises (not that they are bad at all, they are just wrong for your particular condition) you could wind up making your lower back pain and hip flexor tightness worse.

Many different ab exercises enlist the help of the hip flexors as a prime mover. This occurs a lot in lower ab exercises but can also occur in things as simple as the crunch. If you allow your ab training to include too many of these you will wind up simply over strengthening the hip flexors more and leads to a vicious cycle of more pain.

Start following the ab and core exercise alternatives you see in this video for a great way to get a stronger core without overtaxing your hip flexors. There are plenty of options for you to do, just maybe not the ones you would have immediately thought of. Start with these and you will see how much more quickly your tightness will go away when your ab and core strength starts providing the stability your back was craving all along. The hip flexors and lower back will finally be able to take a much deserved break.

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