7 Most Explosive Home Exercises (BODYWEIGHT!)

Build muscle using nothing but your bodyweight at home here…

Most home workout routines revolve around bodyweight exercises that you can do with limited or no equipment. They are an invaluable part of building a complete physique. That said, if you want to construct the most powerful bodyweight workout you need to include explosive body weight exercises into your plan. In this video, I show you the 7 most explosive home exercises that you can do with just your bodyweight and a pullup bar.

Each of these bodyweight exercises hits a different area of your body. You will learn how to train your back, chest, arms, core, and legs with each of the different body weight exercises shown here. Each one has an alternative version that can be done if you aren’t quite at the level of strength required to perform the more advanced one.

The 7 most explosive home exercises included are:

Power plank ups – this bodyweight exercise is the perfect way to hit your triceps, chest, shoulders and core at home since it requires very little space and can be done either on your toes or on your knees.

Plyo chin ups – This one requires just a bar and an underhand grip. By quickly releasing and regripping the bar you will be able to eccentrically work your back and biceps in one killer exercise.

Glute/ham single leg plyo bridges – Work both your hamstrings and glutes with this explosive plyometric exercise and start slowing down the rate of hamstring pulls in the process.

Hannibal Pushups – This upper body builder is one of the best ways to build explosive muscle in your chest and triceps training at home. Master the more difficult version of this exercise at home and start seeing the benefits of your hard work as you build a bigger chest.

Pendulum Planks – This plyometric core exercise is another one that is perfect for any home workout routine. With the minimal space required to perform it, you will be able to sharpen up your abs and obliques with this one explosive movement.

Rolling Squat Burpees – This two part exercise is a great way to teach one how to explosively get off the ground and build upper and lower body strength. Opt for the easier squat burpee alone if you can’t string together the combo just yet.

180 depth tuck jumps – Finish off this list of 7 best home exercises with the tuck jump that requires a bit of athleticism to perform a half jump turn in mid air.

As you can see, the home exercises listed in this video are not the easiest in the world to perform. That said, nobody ever got anything worth having by making it easy. If you want to build muscle training at home with little to no equipment, you are going to have to be willing to up the intensity of the home exercises that you are performing.

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