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When the business of life led to weight gain, Sharmaine found herself in a rut. An annual Bodybuilding.com challenge got her back on the path of healthy living.
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Sharmaine Diaz remembers the overwhelming stress of bringing home her new baby and moving into a new house, all on the same day. “My husband and I closed on our first home just three days before our son Anthony was born,” she says. “We had an air mattress on the living-room floor, and my husband went out and bought a little rocker for him to sleep in. It was overwhelming, to say the least.”

By the time baby number two arrived, Sharmaine was in a rut; her motivation to work out and get back in shape just wasn’t there. Luckily, an advertisement for Bodybuilding.com’s $250K Challenge sparked her fire.

This is Sharmaine’s story.

Why Did You Decide To Sign Up For The $250K Challenge?

I didn’t want to feel the way I did after the birth of my first son. I had started a transformation that year as well, but finding out I was pregnant a few weeks in was an easy excuse to quit. I gained even more weight. My second baby boy was born in November 2015, and I knew this time had to be different. I remembered the Bodybuilding.com challenge, looked online, and saw there was another one starting in January. I decided right there and then that I was all in!

What Motivated You To Break Through Your Rut And Hit Fitness Full-Force?

At first, it was about the money. Who wouldn’t be motivated by a hundred grand? But it quickly became about family. My loving husband had been supporting us financially since I decided to stay at home fulltime with the boys. He’s been our rock, but it was getting tough, and bills were piling up. I knew that the challenge could be something great for us. It was a win-win situation; a win for me mentally and physically, and a financial win for my family.

What Kept You Going On Days You Wanted To Quit?

The photo requirements were genius! Progress pics were a huge motivator for me. I was so nervous about having to post my photos online for everyone to see, but at the same time, that accountability was so real. I knew that I wanted to keep that motivation, so I decided to commit to posting pics weekly. You can’t fake a bad diet. If I wasn’t eating the right way, it would show.

Did You Set An Overall Goal?

My goal for the challenge was to get down to 113 pounds. In the beginning, I thought that was going to be impossible and let that get me down. I thought, “Why bother?” Instead, I decided to focus less on the big, long-term goals and instead set a weekly target of losing 2 pounds a week. I felt like that was attainable.

With A New Baby, How Did You Find The Time?

At the beginning of the challenge, my baby was only seven weeks old, and my oldest was only 22 months old! My home was full of chaos, to say the least. Just two weeks into the challenge, both my sons contracted RSV [an respiratory-tract virus] and passed it on to me as well. It was a nightmare! My baby was so little. He wasn’t handling it very well and was admitted to the hospital. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I was sick and had to be without my toddler while caring for my newborn in the hospital.


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