Aamir Khan’s Body Transformation (THE TRUTH!)

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Aamir Khan is a famous Bollywood actor who is making waves for the incredible body transformation he made to go from fit to fat to fit again in just months for his movie Dangal. In one of the most stunning body makeovers in film history, Khan went from 155 pounds to 215 at a body fat of 38 percent and then dropped back down to 158 pounds and 9.3 percent body fat. In this video, I’m going to cover the real key behind this transformation and what you need to realize before you attempt to make the same rapid change.

The first thing you must notice about this is that Aamir was fit before he made this movie. He walked around at a steady 150 pounds and by all standards was in very good shape. He already had the discipline instilled him to conduct a healthy lifestyle where he regularly worked out and ate right. The real struggle, as he put it, was in putting on the weight not necessarily taking it off. That is not consistent with what those who struggle with weight really battle.

Rather than struggling to put it on, those with weight issues have a major difficulty trying to get rid of the excess body fat. This is for two reasons. One is as already alluded to, they do not possess the consistency of a regular gym habit or good eating habits. Second, they are metabolically at a disadvantage having spent many years either yo-yoing with their weight or simply staying overweight throughout the time period.

When this happens, your body reacts by lowering your insulin resistance and you have a tough time mobilizing body fat for fat burning. If you are more muscular on the other hand and in good shape, your insulin sensitivity is higher (lower insulin resistance) and you have a much easier time dropping weight when attempted.

That said, the Aamir Khan body transformation is not consistent with the more realistic transformation that needs to be made by the many that are overweight and have been for quite some time. That is not to take away from what he accomplished. It is an exercise in dedication for someone to do what he did in order to lose the amount of weight he did while not dropping his hard earned muscle.

Two things you can take away from this that are very important as well. The first is the value of having a plan. This weight loss was very well choreographed from the beginning. Every step of this weight gain and loss was done knowing the course for how it was to take place from the start until the last pound was lost.

The next thing was the level of accountability that was in place as well. In normal situations, you are not being held accountable for your weight gain or weight loss. Not the case here with Aamir. He had a major motion picture deal hinging on the fact that he had to lose the weight or the movie could not be written. In fact, because of this, he requested that the weight gain scenes be filmed first so he would have to lose the body fat in order to finish out the movie.

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