AB EXERCISE & AB WORKOUT - Intense Anti Gravity Ab Exercises

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Too often when it comes to choosing ab exercises to do in your ab workout, guys rely on the old standbys like crunches or the new favorite, planks. The problem with that is that when you choose just one or the other ab exercise variations you’re limiting the potential results you can see in your abs. This is because in order to create a true six pack you need to focus on letting the abdominal muscles do what it is they are functionally meant to do and that is…

– Flex the spine
– Eccentrically control spinal extension
– Produce trunk rotation
– Eccentrically control trunk rotation

Seems like a lot of stuff for the abs to do in one exercise I know…but not really. Not when you can combine them using the “anti-gravity” approach that I show you in this video. Don’t worry, you don’t need a fancy cable machine to do this cool new ab exercise. You can do it with just a few resistance bands draped over your pullup bar.

The key to this new ab exercise is to do it correctly with good form. Watch all of the components in this ab circuit and perform it the next time you’re at a loss at what to do for your ab workout.

Just be sure to let me know what you think?

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Looking forward to seeing you on “TEAM ATHLEAN”!

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