Ab Strength Test (3 LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY!)

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If you want to test the strength of your abs, you have to give consideration to more than just how many sit-ups you can do. To truly see how strong your abs and core are you have to determine what your reactive core strength is.

In this video, I show you a quick series of 3 drills that you can do with a medicine ball to test the strength of your abdominal muscles and core. To start, sit on the floor and get a medicine ball capable of being bounced on the floor. Try to pick a weight that is at least 8 pounds here (I am demonstrating using a 12 pound medicine ball).

The first ab strength test exercise is the med ball bounce and catch. Pick either your right or left side and twist in that direction. Slam the ball from head height and see if you can catch it without allowing your hands to drop from the height they started at. Obviously, the ball has weight and wants to pull your shoulders down to the side when you catch it. The strength of your abs is going to be crucial if you are going to complete this without dropping the shoulder.

Next, you want to perform the same drill but make it more of a dynamic ab and core strength test. To do this, you will twist the ball back to the center after catching it. The strength required to do this is slightly more than the first ab exercise and it becomes much more challenging as the reps stack up. Be sure of course to test both sides to see if there are any imbalances between them.

Finally, to really test your reactive core strength and eccentric ab power, try to complete the plyo russian twist exercise shown. This explosive core strength movement is challenging and can tell you a great deal about the true strength of your abs. See if you can catch 10 consecutive in both the right and left directions.

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