AB WHEEL AB WORKOUT (home workout for your entire body!)

Crazy ab wheel workout for more than just your abs…

If you are into fitness at all, either you or someone you know has purchased an ab wheel or ab roller at some point in hopes of using it for awesome ab workouts. The only problem is, most often it sits unused and your ab workouts (not to mention your abs) suffer! That’s about to change today with this new ab wheel ab workout that will workout more than just your abs – it will work your entire body.

This total body ab wheel workout works your triceps, back, legs, shoulders, chest and biceps at the same time that it gives you a hefty dose of core exercise. If you ever want to get 6 pack abs then you know you have to work for them, so that said, don’t expect this one to be easy!

For a unique spin on ab wheel workouts, we threw in a resistance band. This one resistance band makes the ab wheel into much more than just an abs training device, it literally turns your home gym into a gym that you can train any muscle group in. For instance, you can do triceps pushdowns, biceps curls, and more with this piece of workout equipment that you may have thought did only one thing.

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