AB WORKOUT CHEAT SHEET (Which Ab Exercises and When to do Them!)

Get your ab workouts to start working for you – fast!

Ab workouts can be as simple or as complex as you make them. The problem is, in order for them to be most effective you have to choose the right ab exercises and pay attention to proper sequencing when you do. This ab workout cheat sheet video shows you not only the best ab exercise to carve out a six pack, but the optimal time to do your ab workouts and how often.

Following the six pack progression, you will see that it is best to train your lower ab exercises first. The lower ab movements most often require you to lift the weight of your legs and are therefore much harder than those top down ab exercises. Because of this fact, you want to be sure to move these ab exercises first in your workout. Next you move onto lower ab rotation exercises followed by oblique exercises. This combo will really help you to flatten out the belly and waist and get a nice toned core.

Next we move onto the midrange ab exercises in this killer ab workout. Finally we hit the top down crunch exercises and the rotational ab exercise to finish.

In terms of the best time to train your abs, it goes without saying that whenever you can be most consistent with your ab workouts is the answer. That said, if consistency is a given then I would recommend a stand alone time during the day. This allows you to dedicate your effort to your abs and get better, faster results when trying to get a six pack.

Abs should be trained or worked 5-6 times per week ideally. You don’t have to do long ab workouts to get results. In fact, you can do a 5 minute ab workout, a 10 minute ab workout, or anything in between and see great progress!

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We talk about not just ab workouts but also the right nutrition and eating plan to get abs while helping you get as lean and ripped as possible.

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