Ab Workout "Magic" Trick!! (IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS)

See how to get abs like a pro athlete (unlimited ab workouts)

It seems that every guy wants to know how to get abs, but focuses too much time on the wrong ab exercises to make that happen. There are others in search of tricks and shortcuts to six pack abs, that end up disappointed since no such things exist. That said, in this ab workout video I show you how you can learn a thing or two from magic to help you get abs a lot faster.

If you have ever seen a magician in action, they use a lot of misdirection to keep you distracted from the actual trick. They will have you watch their hands and arms, all the while performing the real magic out of sight without moving a muscle. Well, when it comes to ab training and exercises, sometimes the most effective ones involve keeping the abs and core motionless.

Here I demonstrate an ab exercise that you can either do in a gym with cables or under a pullup bar at home with bands. The simple act of pulling down on the bands engages the abs right away to counteract the pull of the bands upward. From there, you bring the arms up (which makes your abs contract even more) and then alternate cross body punches to fire up the obliques and serratus. Combine all this ab and core muscle activation with the extended time under tension that this ab exercise provides and you have one serious ab workout addition!

This abs exercise can be added to any six pack ab workout that you are doing, working especially well as a finishing move.

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