ACL Tear - Testing Your Knee BEFORE it Happens!

Build more than just knee stability – become an athlete from the inside out!

ACL tears are one of the most common knee injuries, let alone overall injury in the athlete. The most puzzling thing about acl injuries is that the majority of them occur as non-contact injuries! What this means is that the knee gives out and the ligaments inside the joint are unable to resist the forces that are being applied to them from just moving. That isn’t good.

In order to have stronger knees, and legs for that matter, you have to train for more than just strength…you kneed stability! In this video I show you a simple 30 second test you can do anywhere you have a wall. This ACL Prevention screen is just one of the many tests that can be done to give you some more information about what the stability of your knee might be like – and therefore what your risk may be for incurring one of these injuries.

There are 3 variations on this ACL Tear test.

The first is the two leg wall squat. You want to see if you can hold your low position for at least 60 seconds. The second test is the crossover wall test. This one you want to see if you can last for 45 seconds. Finally, the single leg non-crossover test shows you just how effective your quad, glute and hamstring co-contraction is and what your knee joint stability is. The goal is to see if you can last at least 30 seconds on each leg.

The bottom line is, with ACL tears and ACL injuries on the rise in sports…it would be very helpful if you could perform a quick test to help as a preliminary screen to those that are lacking base level knee joint stability. This wall test triad can help with exactly that.

Beyond the ACL prevention intent, it also shows you just one example of how important it is to allow your muscles to work together as they are intended to. When your muscles work together the right way, your strength levels improve, your function increases, and you can lift more (ultimately getting bigger and stronger)! It’s time to start training like an athlete –

For more videos on protecting all of your joints be sure to check out the bulletproof series here on my channel at

Meantime, let’s hope we start seeing a decrease in those leg injuries and acl knee tears.

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