Advanced Ab Exercise - SUPER "X" MAN AB CRUNCHES!

With the abs being one of those muscles that you can train more than just a couple times a week…you need to have an abundance of ab exercises in your arsenal if you want to continually be able to shock them into even better results.

Whether your looking to carve in that 6 pack or are even shooting for those elusive 8 pack abs, you’ve got to be able to reach into your bag of exercises and pull out ones that give you the most bang for your buck! The Super “X” Man Crunch is that exercise.

By combining crunches movement from the top down and the bottom up, as well as the cross body movement of the arms, you can get your upper abs, lower abs and obliques all with just one move.

After mastering the AthLEAN-X Super “X” Man Crunch, make sure you head over to and get the system that is tranforming guys bodies all across the World right now. Creating “pro athlete” caliber physiques one person at a time. That AthLEAN “X” Training System!

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