Agility Tree...X-plosive Quick Foot Drill!!

Agility drills, in my opinion, hold the secret to all new explosive muscle growth. How do they do this you ask? By tapping into the hard to ignite fast twitch muscle fibers with a super slick quick foot drill, that enables your entire body to start adding new muscle more quickly!

By firing up fast twitch muscle fibers, the body starts to ingrain more explosive motor firing patterns that enables you to experience a carryover into the other elements of your workouts….namely your weight training workouts.

If your workout program doesn’t include quick foot drills and explosive agility drills then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to build new muscle. AthLEAN-X does not overlook this crucial element and works these drills right into the 90 day program! You can find more just like this at and start experiencing what thousands others have….

AthLEAN-X works like no other program to help you build the body of a pro athlete. Remember, if you want to LOOK like an athlete, you’ve got to start training like one!

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