Ashley Conrad's 21-Day Clutch Cut Training Program - Overview -

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I’ve trained celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, and P. Diddy. My plan will help you get lean, mean, and cut beyond belief in only three weeks. Now that’s clutch.

Clutch Cut demands nothing less than your best. Every day is difficult. Every workout is more challenging than the one before. The cardio is as brutal as it is effective; the lifting is as grueling as it is transformative. But, after three weeks with me, you’ll change the way you think about your body. You’ll be reminded that anything is possible, and you’ll transform your physique.

Clutch Cut only lasts 21 days because that’s about how long I usually have to get a celebrity ripped for a movie. It’s a tried-and-true program that I go to every time I need to produce freaky-fast fat loss. I designed Clutch Cut to burn fat, drop water, remove waste, optimize digestion, and help clients get screen-ready shredded. It works. I know it does. It’ll work for you, too.

Three weeks of pushing your body to its absolute limits will wreak havoc on your fat stores, build muscle, and take you to the next level of physical and mental strength. Get ready to give 100 percent. Forget what you think you know. It’s time to learn the truth. It’s time to get Clutch Cut.

Five days per week, you’ll be training harder than you ever have for 60 minutes per session. You’ll cycle through a day of circuit training, a day of conditioning, and a day of rest. Then you’ll lift, hit conditioning the next day, lift again, and rest again so you can repeat the process for three total weeks.

The training split looks like this:

Monday: Lift
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Lift
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Lift
Sunday: Rest

I don’t like typical resistance programming, at least not for fat loss. My lifting days are built on strength circuits that will help you build muscle while priming your metabolism and challenging your energy systems. My strength circuits have anywhere from 12-20 different exercises. Depending on your fitness level, you’ll go through the entire circuit 3-6 times. As your body adapts and your fitness level advances, you’ll be able to perform more total circuits.

I don’t like to use a lot of equipment. You’re not going to be walking from machine to machine. Instead, you’ll be doing everything from plyometric clap push-ups, to jumping lunges, to medicine ball jumping jacks. Your body is the most powerful fitness tool you have.

Your cardio days are programmed similarly. I prefer sprint circuits that are basically interval training with a twist. Each day you condition, you’ll build upon the last workout. The intervals of max output get longer each week, and the rest periods get shorter. You can perform my cardio workout on the treadmill, outside, or even on a bike. That’s one of the beauties of this program-there are no excuses.

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