Ashley Conrad's 21-Day Clutch Cut Training Program - Training Overview -

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Three weeks may not seem like enough time to make progress. Think again. There’s no level “easy” on this trainer. The only two settings are hard and harder. Let’s see what you can do.

My mission is twofold: to change the way you think about your body and show you what is possible. Clutch Cut will transform you in three weeks, but it won’t be easy. You have to be ready to work. You’re my client now, and my clients never rest. They move for an entire workout. It’s the only way to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

Let’s get after it!

Clutch Cut training is tough, but it’s transformative. When I was training to be an athlete, I didn’t use any equipment. Yet my bodyweight-only workouts were the hardest sessions I’ve ever done. They were also the most beneficial. When I became a trainer, I decided to train people like athletes. That’s what I do.

I can build muscle on somebody without equipment, or I can go into a gym and use heavy weights if necessary. In almost every case, with nearly every client I have ever transformed for a movie, I’ve never had to set foot in a gym. Your body is your most powerful fitness tool. Learn to harness it, and you can achieve incredible things.

Five days per week, you’ll be training harder than you ever have for roughly 60 minutes per session. You’ll cycle through a day of circuit training, a day of conditioning, and a day of rest. Then you’ll lift, hit conditioning the next day, lift again, and rest again so you can repeat the process for three intense weeks.

This is your split:

Monday: Lift
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Lift
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Lift
Sunday: Rest

You can perform my Clutch workouts anywhere, with minimal equipment. Each workout, whether it’s resistance or cardio, is built on a series of high-intensity circuits. Each workout also includes adequate warm-up periods and ample flexibility work.

Here’s what you need before you dive into Clutch Cut:

At-Home Equipment Requirements
1 medicine ball, medium weight
1 set of dumbbells, medium to heavy weight
1 set of dumbbells, light weight
Enough room to run for 30 minutes
Gym Equipment Requirements
1 medicine ball, medium weight
1 set of dumbbells, medium to heavy weight
1 set of dumbbells, light weight
1 barbell, medium weight
1 pull-up or lat pull-down station
Stationary bike, Stairmaster, or treadmill
If you commit 100 percent to Clutch Cut, you will completely transform your physique and your lifestyle. Don’t skip over the nutrition and supplement plans; they’re crucial to your success on this program. Your workouts won’t work if you don’t follow every aspect of the plan. Commit, and get Clutch Cut.

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