ATHLEAN EXPENDABLES Workout - Train Like Stallone!

I grew up watching guys like watching Sylvester Stallone in Rambo, Rocky, etc and admired the physique he had. I always wished I could learn how to workout like him so that one day I could have the same muscles, the same amount of body fat, and maybe even the same salary!

I’ve still got a lot of catching up to do in all departments!

But that said, you guys have asked for it and now I’m bringing it….more AthLEAN-X Burst Style Conditioning Workouts. You liked the 4 Minutes of Hell Workout, you liked the Iron Man Workout and now it gets even harder with the AthLEAN Expendables Workout!

In just minutes you will get a cardio workout, a muscle building workout, and a combination fat loss and strength building workout.

The best part is…this workout can be done by a guy with even the most limited amount of time. Take a cue from the “old guys” in the Expendables movie and this things can be done by anyone, anywhere, of any age…..and with just one piece of equipment…a kettebell!

When you’re done watching this workout, make sure you head to to check out the complete training system that includes workouts in the same style as this!

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