ATHLEAN-X Interview - Compare to P90X

For more about ATHLEAN-X:

When it comes to working out there are a lot of options out there. ATHLEAN-X, P90X, Insanity, etc. The problem is, not every option is good for everybody. If you’re looking for shorter more intense workouts that deliver significant results in 90 days then you might want to look at the ATHLEAN-X training systems.

ATHLEAN-X is built on the principles of “Pro Athlete Training”. By moving like an athlete and following the same type of strength training and conditioning it is definitely possible to start looking like one in 90 days.

With a mix of ground based functional training and ATHLEAN Burst Training fat burning conditioning workouts, the complete ATHLEAN-X system allows you to add lean muscle while at the same time losing fat. No more need to choose one over the other now. Couple this with a meal plan that is truly one of the easiest to follow in the industry and you’ve got as potent a fitness one-two knockout punch as you can get right now.

Created by celebrity pro athlete trainer and former major league baseball physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere, the ATHLEAN-X training systems applies the latest science back into strength and conditioning to produce a workout program that is on the cutting edge (not only in it’s structure but in it’s delivery methods).

If you want to start looking like an athlete, then you should see for yourself not only how ATHLEAN-X differs from P90X in may key ways, but what that means for you when it comes time to decide which program best suits you and your goals. If you’re ready to join the rest of “TEAM ATHLEAN” in over 142 countries worldwide, then head to

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