AVOID this Leg Exercise...If You Want Bigger Legs!

Get Bigger Legs – http://athleanx.com/x/getbiggerlegs

Let’s face it…you’ve done this leg exercise before. Probably hundreds of times. Ever wonder why it still seems so hard to build bigger legs regardless of how many reps you’ve cranked out on this machine?

I’m talking about Leg Extensions…and if you’re goal in doing them is to get bigger legs…then it’s time to “X” out these knee crushers and start substituting in a closed chain alternative that actually helps to grow your quads quicker.

Knee extensions are the single biggest leg exercise to avoid when you’re putting together your workouts. Again, they don’t really deliver in the “results” department and worse…they wreak havoc on your knees and can give you a lifetime of aches.

Let celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere show you a cutting edge alternative that will have you saying goodbye to leg extensions forever by your next workout.

When you’re done watching this, then head to http://athleanx.com to get your hands on a training program that does more than just swap out the dangerous exercises you may be doing for the nondangerous ones…but actually take out the leg exercises that just flat out don’t work for building lean muscle and trade them in for the stuff that flat out does!

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