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Anyone lifting weights with back pain can tell you…it ain’t easy! If you have lower back pain, you know how difficult it is to squat, deadlift, or even run. That said, what if it was the exercises that were actually contributing or causing your lower back pain in the first place?

In this video I show you the most common mechanism for a lumbar herniated disc injury and how it translates to some of the most common exercises. From there I give you ways to identify what might be happening in your lower back and more importantly, some back pain exercise tweaks that you can make to limit further stress and allow it to heal.

The lumbar spine is composed of five vertebrae. Each one stacks on top of the other, separated by a disc to maintain proper spacing. When the disc begins to break down, due to misaligned mechanics or exercise abuse, the likelihood for a disc herniation and injury during weight lifting becomes higher.

Two major culprits for aggravating a low back injury or causing it in the first place are the deadlift and the squat. Now, these two exercises happen to be two of the absolute best and highly functional movements that you can do. So what do we do? We want to focus on performing these back and leg exercises the right way.

You want to be sure not to leave your hips “open” or misaligned with the feet. If the toes point straight ahead on a line, then the hips should be lined up with them as well. Next, you want to be sure the flexion to get down to the bar is occurring through the hips and not just the lumbar spine and lower back. This combined flexion and rotation of the spine will lead to a low back injury the fastest.

When professional athletes train, they make sure to work extra hard on fortifying their low back with exercises for back pain prevention. The ATHLEAN-X Training System does just that by strengthening your entire core in every exercise. For more information on how to train like an athlete and to get a complete workout for your low back, be sure to head to

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