BACK STRENGTH SECRET!! 1 Move - Overall Strength

Build Athletic Strength:

Back strength is normally not at the top of the priority list for those doing weight training programs. Why? Because you simply don’t see it like you do the more glorified “show” muscles like the chest, biceps, triceps and abs. That said, as I’m going to show you in this video, ignoring your back strength is a quick way to seeing far less strength gains in the rest of your body and in the process, shortchanging the potential muscle you could build.

When you look at the transfer of forces from the ground to your arms on virtually every single exercise you realize that all movements have to either pass through the core and lower back or up to the core and lower back for stability. When force dissipates through the core, the amount of strength and power you could have generated is lost. To prevent this from happening you HAVE to preset the back in it’s strongest position, which is an anterior tilt.

Watch how I show you how to get into this position if you’re not able to already and then take advantage of this technique to start getting stronger in not only your back but also every other lift you do. This is literally a back strength secret that you can apply to not just back workouts but every workout you do.

It’s tips like these that help you get much more out of your workouts and help you to build strength in your back and the rest of your body, that have made ATHLEAN-X as popular as it has become. With a physical therapist behind the helm of the program and an elite pro athlete trainer, there’s never been a more qualified person to help you reach not only your strength goals and physique transformation but also your performance goals.

When you’re ready to build upon the back strength you learn in this video and get the entire 90 day muscle building and strength building program, head to and join the rest of “TEAM ATHLEAN”!

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