Barbell Ab Workout (4 MINUTES!)

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Most ab workout routines consist of the same ab 15 ab exercises performed over and over again. The problem with that is that not only are you limiting your arsenal of effective ab movements, but you are missing out on a chance to train your abs much more explosively. In this video, I give you a barbell ab workout that will absolutely crush your core, and it doesn’t even contain a single crunch!

This weighted barbell ab workout routine is one that you can do with a single barbell and a weight plate that will allow you to perform each of the 4 exercises shown. Simply anchor the barbell in the corner of your room and you are all set to crush your core in just 4 minutes. I say core because this is not just an ab exercise but one that will hit your entire midsection including your obliques, serratus, transverse abdominus and lower back.

To perform this ab workout routine you must complete each of the following exercises for 1 minute.

First up is the tight twist. This exercise requires that you maintain a tight core as you twist your arms close to your body from left to right. The weight of the plate and barbell, as well as momentum, are going to want to twist your abs and core along with it. Do not let that happen. If you want your core to work hard you need to resist the temptation to let it go for the ride. Obviously, the heavier weight you use here the more difficult it will become to resist the twist!

Next up is the Plank Lateral Rollout. Most of us have probably tried rollouts to the front. By incorporating a whole new plane of motion, we make this plank ab exercise that much more difficult. Try rolling the bar out as far as you can to one side and you’ll not only feel your obliques and abs work hard but your chest as well. Again, perform this exercise for 1 minute alternating back and forth from right to left.

Next you’ll perform the Plank Heave. This exercise is much tougher than it looks. In order to overcome the inertia of the nonmoving barbell and plate off the ground you have to really stabilize your abs and generate enough force to lift the bar off the ground. During the transfer, your core must stabilize in a 3 point plank position, which will put extra demand on those already fried abs of yours!

Finally, the Push Away Press to finish up your barbell ab workout. This deceptively hard ab exercise is yet another that works muscles you never thought it would. Obviously, it looks as if this will work your shoulder as you push the barbell away from you…and it will. But if you twist your torso as I’m showing you in the video you’ll immediately place a high demand on your obliques. Feel them work and contract on every rep as you crank your way through one minute of this exercise as well.

Repeat this barbell ab workout routine for 2-3 more rounds to really fire up your abs. For a complete ab workout routine packed in with your daily workouts to train your entire body like an athlete, head to and get the 90 day ATHLEAN-X Training System.

For more weighted ab workouts and ab exercises you can do with a dumbbell and barbell only, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at

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