Beach Body Video - 8 Exercises to Get JACKED at the BEACH!

Get your abs and beach ready body in 90 days –

Come Summertime, it seems everyone is looking for a video on how to get a beach body. Whether they have been working on their six packs all Winter or not, there seems to be a mad rush to get a beach body look and scouring the videos on youtube is a quick way to do it.

In this beach body workout video, I show you 8 exercises that you can literally do at the beach! Forget about laying around in the sun doing nothing, you can actually get a workout in at the beach and help your body to get stronger at the same time!

The exercises in this beach body video are as follows:

– Rock Hanging Pullups (helps you to get wider lats)
– Rock Hanging Angled Pullups (helps you get a bigger back)
– Hanging Ab Clocks (carve out that six pack stomach)
– Plyo Pushups (no solid surface to push off of – challenge that chest!)
– Lower Ab Tucks (the resistance of the sand makes this lower ab killer even harder!)
– Arm Scissors (throw in sand resistance for a killer shoulder and back burn)
– Circle Pushups (side delts get hammered with this sand pushup variation)
– Hannibal Pushups (insane lower body and upper body explosive exercise)

Speaking of beach body videos, perhaps you’ve tried the Insanity workout from beachbody or P90X. One of the major problems with either of these is that they are highly restrictive in the locations that you can perform them. Not sure I can remember the last time I saw anyone doing either of those beachbody workouts at the beach!

With ATHLEAN-X, being as highly functional as it is and athletically driven (as well as minimal in that the workouts in the program require very little equipment) you can literally take your workouts anywhere – yes…even the beach! In just 90 days, you can start to carve out your own impressive beach body arms, abs, shoulders, chest and legs with ATHLEAN-X. Start today and see just how easy it is to take your workouts with you anywhere you go.

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