Beginners Guide to Core Training | Tutorial w/ Q&A

Your abs are PART of your core. Everyone already has a 6-pack. It’s the way your abs are built. The problem for most people is that they’re covered by fat.
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If you want to learn how to “get a 6-pack,” you’re in the wrong place. Having visible abs is almost entirely to do with your diet. (a few exceptions, granted)

If that’s your primary goal, then you need to get your nutrition perfected FIRST. Once you’re eating the right amount of food made up of the right proportions of macros, you can start worrying about how you’re training your abs.

You can find a TDEE calculator and a macro calculator on Plug in your numbers, and then get to the grocery store.

Ok. That’s the deal with nutrition.

Second, let’s address the purpose of core training. For GPP, your goal should be proximal stability. That’s the point of having a strong core. Your core includes your abs (and the deep layers of them), and your lower back. Your core protects your spine. The less your core moves during lifts, sports, life, the better.

Our goal for core training should be to keep your spine healthy by keeping your core strong. That’s what matters most.

I’m 32 years old and I can’t tell you how many back injuries I’ve seen over the years. And, I’ll tell you what, most of them are because people don’t take the time to properly train their core. They do a few crunches every now and again and think that’s good.

Too many of us have an anterior pelvic tilt that’s too big and often gets worse when we move. We also have bad positioning when we bend over or squat. Much of those issues are cause by a weakness in the core.

Having a strong, well-trained core can also negate some of the issues people have from sitting all day.

And, I’m going to tell you right now that having a strong, well-trained core does not necessarily mean it’s aesthetically pretty.

So, there are a few ways we train our core to be strong so we can keep our spine safe.

– TRX fallout
– Suitcase DL
– Deadbug
– Pallof press
– Bottoms up kb walk or kneeling press
– Landmine press
– Sliding push-ups
– Carries/uneven carries
– Planks are fine, but add some movement
– Front squats are awesome
– Big lifts are great, too like OHP


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