Best Chest Workout Tip - (WORKS WITH ANY WEIGHT!)

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Intensity is key when you’re working out your chest, or any other muscle group for that matter. In this video, I show you the best chest workout tip that you can do anywhere (even if you’re on the road in a gym that doesn’t have heavy dumbbells).

On a recent business trip, I found myself in the hotel gym in need of a good chest workout but with lousy equipment options to do so. Instead of choosing a bodyweight chest workout routine to follow, I instead opted to use the lighter dumbbells to try and get an intense chest workout.

In this video I show you a chest training tip that allows you to use dumbbells that are almost half the weight of what you usually use on an incline bench press and make them feel super heavy. You perform this chest workout tip by holding the dumbbells in the lowest position of the bench press for a count of one and then pressing them up. On the next rep, you hold the bottom position again…this time for a count of two before pressing up. Next rep, you hold it for a count of three and so on and so forth.

By the time you’ve reached your final rep you should be holding the weights at the lowest position for 10 or 12 seconds before pressing. This should render you almost useless as you reach true muscle failure in your chest workout.

The best part about this chest tip is that it can be applied to any chest workout you do and it doesn’t require heavy weights. Remember, overload can come in many forms. It doesn’t have to always come in the form of heavier and heavier weights. Apply this technique to your next best chest workout and you’ll quickly see why you may want to include this more often.

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