Best CORE Exercise You're NOT Doing (9 out of 10 miss this!)

Forgetting other key core exercises? Stop doing that.

There are so many core exercises for you to throw into your abs and core workouts, but you’re likely missing this one. You see, most think that the only way to work the abs and get a six pack is by doing the traditional crunch and core exercises. They overlook the value of exercises that don’t actually involve crunching or even moving the ab muscles!

In this video, I show you one of the most overlooked killer core exercises that you can be doing. The best part? It involves only a couple dumbbells and some room to walk.

With the farmer’s carry or walk, you hold two heavy dumbbells at your side and contract your abs and obliques to maintain an upright posture and core as you attempt to walk as far as you can. The thing about this under appreciated abs exercise is that most are missing out on how to make it even better!

You can improve this core crusher by holding dumbbells of differing weights in your hands. This challenges your abdominals to stabilize against the asymmetrical loading and the tendency of the trunk to bend towards the side of the heavier dumbbell.

Want to make it even more of an insane core challenge? Alter the elevation of the load as well. You can do this by holding one dumbbell over your head and the other one at your side while attempting to walk the same distance. You may want to start off a bit lighter on this if this is your first attempt.

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