Best Push Up Ever (PERIOD!)

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There are hundreds or ways to do pushups, but this video shows you the best push up ever. There are two main reasons why this is the case. First, in order to fully contract the chest you must incorporate horizontal adduction at the shoulder joint. This is impossible if your hands are kept fixed in place to the ground right? Not necessarily.

In order to contract the chest and feel the inner chest fully engage, you need to realize how effective relative joint motion can help you. You can get horizontal adduction at the shoulder by either moving your shoulder on your body or by moving your body on your shoulder. In this chest exercise, I show you how the pushup can be altered slightly to include body movement on the fixed shoulder to fully contract the chest and get bigger pecs.

All you have to do is slightly turn your chest towards one side as you push up. You will want to push more with the arm you are turning towards, which brings up the second major advantage of this variation. You are getting some one sided overload which can help you to turn the basic pushup into more of a mass building movement. Don’t worry about creating asymmetrical chest development. All you have to do is alternate rotations to the right and left sides until reaching failure throughout the set.

Building a big chest with pushups is something that many say is impossible. That’s not true. All you have to do is learn how to overload the chest while doing the exercise and find a way to make it maximally effective (taking the chest to its fully contracted state) and you can achieve size and strength gains doing it. This video shows you how to make those slight tweaks to start getting more out of this best pushup ever.

Now, if you are just starting out and can’t do this in the traditional push up position, or you can’t feel the difference just yet since you are lacking mind muscle control…don’t sweat it. Do the incline version I show you at the end and you will begin to feel the difference right away. Start building a big chest at home with pushups by incorporating this exercise into your home chest workout routine.

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