Best Squat Stance (SURPRISING ANSWER!)

Find the best squat for you…and get bigger legs faster!

Determining the best squat stance and width is like finding the Holy Grail. If you find it, you’ll know it! This is because those that have found their squatting sweet spot are usually the ones that can get the biggest legs fastest and seem to be able to squat more weight than everyone else.

As you’ll see in this video however, finding the perfect squat stance width can be challenging. This is because squatting stance and foot width are largely determined by our anatomy. The shape of the head and neck of the femur have a large say in whether you should be squatting with a narrow stance or a wide stance. Furthermore, whether you should be pointing your toes out or toes in on your squat is also determined by the shape of the bones articulating with the hip.

When the head of the femur is longer than normal, your hip joint articulates more comfortably with the leg positioned further away from the body. This means, those with this type of femur would find squatting wide to be more comfortable than narrow.

Those with an anteverted head of the femur will find that they naturally pigeon toe. Asking this person to point their toes out during a squat is a recipe for disaster. Demanding this claiming that it is perfect or best squat form is not advisable here.

Likewise, someone with a retroverted femoral head would find that squatting with toes straight ahead is extremely challenging and actually damaging to the knee. The best stance for squats is going to be determined by testing how YOU feel performing some reps in each of the positions.

You can do this on a back squat, sumo squat, front squat or any other squat variation that you are able to perform with good form. Determine your foot position and ideal foot placement on squats and you’ll go a long way to making faster gains from your leg workouts.

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