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The best upper chest exercise without equipment is one that you can do at home at any level of ability. In this video, I show you a chest exercise that you can do without a gym that will give you incredible chest growth and definition if done properly. This pushaway pushup variation is one that can help you to target your upper chest more favorably due to the angle of limb movement during the move.

To perform this upper chest exercise properly you will want to first determine if you are a beginner or more advanced trainee. If you are a novice, you will want to perform this movement from your knees. If you are more advanced, get up on your toes and aim to complete all reps to failure without letting your knees touch the ground.

The key to the setup for this upper chest exercise is the position of the arms at the start. Remember, this is meant to mimic the incline barbell press. The position of the arms when performing an incline bench press is with the upper arms about 45 degrees from the horizontal position. From here, lower the bar straight down to the upper chest and press back up to focus the contraction on the clavicular head of the pecs.

When you do this bodyweight chest exercise variation, you will want to next narrow your grip. You should only have a few inches between your hands. From here bend your elbows out to the side as you lower your body down and forward. Your head should wind up between your hands at the bottom of the movement. On the way out of the hole, you will want to push the heels of your palms into the floor as you imagine your biceps being touched together (as the arms squeeze inward).

This is a tricky movement to describe but one that you can instantly feel when you try it out and get it right. Also, keep in mind, while the triceps are active during this movement (because of the elbow bend) they are not the prime mover here. In fact, unless you consciously alert your pecs that they are going to be performing the workload here, you will likely have the job dispersed away from the muscle you should be trying to build.

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