Bicep “Non-Responder” Solution (BICEPS WON’T GROW!)

Grow big arms while building ripped muscle everywhere…

Having biceps that don’t respond to normal training and resist arm growth is actually pretty common. The reason for this however is pretty straight forward and not so difficult to fix. In this video, I show you the most common reason for biceps that won’t grow and give you three ways to fix it in your training regardless of whether you use dumbbells, bands or cables in your biceps workouts.

First you have to start with an understanding of the function of the biceps muscle. With attachments above and below the elbow, the biceps brachii muscle is responsible for flexing or bending the elbow. That said, that isn’t everything it does. By attaching to the radius in the forearm, the biceps is also a strong supinator of the forearm. In fact, in order to get a complete contraction of the biceps you have to be sure that you are supinating your forearm fully.

The mistake most people make when it comes to their biceps workout and bicep training is that they never properly overload the supination function of the bicep. Sure, you may be supinating during your exercises but are you setting up the movements so that you are creating additional overload in your biceps when you do this? Likely not. In fact, you may find that in order to do the things I’m showing you here that you have to decrease the weight that you normally use for your biceps exercises. That is ok. The most important thing is that in order to get your biceps to start growing, you have to be willing to do this to put the overload on the full function of the muscle.

If you are using dumbbells for dumbbell curls, you would shift your hand / grip position to get this right. Instead of balancing the dumbbell in the middle of your hand you want to shift your thumb and index finger all the way to the far end of the handle. From, here, gently wrap the remaining three fingers around the bell. The key is the grip being handled predominantly by those two fingers and that the dumbbell now tilts downward in your hand.

In order to overcome the downward tilt of the dumbbell you have to supinate your wrist. By weighting this, you are now overloading the supination component and getting a better workout for your biceps. The same can be done with bands and cables as well. For the bands, you would place the resistance band between your index and middle fingers. From here, lay the band across your palm. This once again creates a torque that is needed to be overcome in order to help you build bigger biceps.

Regardless of which piece of equipment you use to build bigger biceps, the key is that you will start building them because you’ve stopped avoiding one of the main two functions of the biceps. A muscle must be overloaded in all planes in order to maximally develop it. If you’re looking for a complete program that overloads not just your arms but your entire body while helping you to build big arms, head to and get the Ultimate Arms program.

For more videos on how to get bigger arms by figuring out why your biceps won’t grow or why you have stubborn triceps, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at

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