Biceps Concentration Curl Variation (HITS CHEST TOO!!)

Build ripped athletic biceps and a bigger chest in 90 days

Concentration curls meet pec crossovers. If you want to build bigger bigger biceps and a more muscular chest, you will have to intensely train both muscle groups. That said, what if there was an exercise that targeted both your chest and biceps in the same movement? There is. The concentration curl crossover is a hybrid, athletic exercise that combines the best elements of each movement to help you build bigger pecs and arms at the same time.

To set up for this exercise, grab a single dumbbell and lean forward at the waist. Let your arm that is holding the dumbbell simply hang between your legs and support your upper body by placing your opposite hand on your knee. Begin the movement by attempting to lift the dumbbell up and across your body while keeping your elbow relatively straight. This will engage the chest and create an intense contraction as you lift the dumbbell against gravity.

Next, as you reach the limit of your movement across your chest…finish by curling the weight with your biceps. This will keep the arm moving into even more adduction across the chest while engaging the biceps at the same time. Try to move the dumbbell as quickly as you can to make this as explosive an exercise as possible.

If you do this right, you should be able to train your biceps and chest to work together synergistically to be more athletic and functional when needed. This can be seen, as demonstrated in the video, when attempting to steal a base or get off to a fast start when sprinting. You can also see the two muscle groups work together when throwing a punch, particularly an uppercut.

Regardless of whether you intend on applying the strength gained through training this concentration curl exercise hybrid more functionally or not, you will still see some impressive muscle size gains in both the chest and biceps from doing it.

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