Biceps Workout “Finisher” (HARDEST 10 REPS EVER!!)

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The perfect way to end your next biceps workout is with the perfect bicep workout finisher. In this video, I show you a three exercise drop set done at the end of your biceps workout routine to push you past your limits into all new levels of growth. All you will need to do it is a single pair of dumbbells, a resistance band and a pullup bar making this perfect for either a gym or home biceps workout.

You will want to minimize or eliminate your rest time between portions of this drop set to maximize its effectiveness. In order to do that, position yourself beneath your pullup bar and place your dumbbells and resistance band very close nearby. Now you are ready to begin.

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Now, you’re ready for your bicep workout finisher. Start by jumping up to your pullup bar and performing what I call a negative chin hang. The goal with this exercise is to make sure that your elbows are bent to the proper angle throughout. In order to make the biceps do most of the work you will want to be sure to keep your elbows bent no more than 90 degrees. If they are bent more than that, you will shift the focus more to your lats and not on the muscles you are trying to work here.

The goal is to hold your body up with the strength of your biceps as you forcefully contract them. Fight the resistance to lower and let the eccentric contraction of the biceps keep you up for as long as you can. As soon as you hit the ground, immediately reach for your tubing and perform as many band curls as you can until your biceps either pop or you reach failure!

From here, grab the dumbbells that you would normally use for your 10 rep max on a standing dumbbell curl and start repping. With your biceps muscles fried as much as they are already you will likely find it hard to complete more than a single rep or two. However many you finish, take a 10 second rest and go right back up to the pullup bar to repeat the entire circuit again. Your finisher is not over until you have completed all 10 reps of the standing dumbbell curls.

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