Get biceps that fill any shirt here (TNT Biceps Workout!)

Let me ask you, how long did your last biceps workout last? One hour? How about if I told you, you could build bigger biceps with just one set. It can happen, but only if you commit to trading in length for intensity as I show you in this one set bicep workout, guaranteed to produce bicep muscle soreness within 24 to 48 hours.

This one set biceps workout relies on the three main types of contraction to elicit one of the most intense training effects you’ve likely felt in a long time. With just one bicep exercise, I show you how to apply the principles of varying strength for concentric, isometric and eccentric muscle contraction to build big biceps.

You can do this as a home biceps workout by swapping out the cables I demonstrate and use a resistance band instead. Either way, if you take each part of this set to absolute muscle failure you will see how you can increase the size of your biceps and build huge biceps with much less time than ever before.

That said, effort and intensity will have to go through the roof! You don’t shorten your bicep workout and then think you can drop the intensity too. You have to bring it for every part of this for it to work properly. But, if you do commit to this in your next arm workout, you’ll be surprised at just how effective this could be.

If you want to build bigger biceps either at home or at the gym and want a targeted attack plan for getting it done, be sure to head to to see how today’s top pro athletes blast their biceps and build impressive arms to fill their oversized jerseys!

For more workouts on how to get bigger arms and biceps exercises you can do at home, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at

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