Big Ass Salad - Nicole Mejia | Fit & Thick - Part 3

Nicole Mejia covers the basics of her vegan diet in part 3 of the NF Sports series. Find out what she eats and what supplements she takes as part of her day to day.
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We need to accept that fact that there is no cookie cutter diet in this world. There’s no one size fits all diet plan or workout plan that’s going to work for you.

As part of a vegan diet or any other diet I recommend a large raw salad every day. There’s enzymes and nutrients in raw food that you just can’t get in cooked food.

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Fitness has always been a huge part of Nicole’s life, not only for the physical benefits, but also for stress relief and overall wellness. She believes in a holistic approach to maintain her curves and natural physique while also keeping herself in the best shape possible. When she began her modeling career, working out and healthy eating became an essential part of her success.

During the past few years, Nicole has transformed her love of fitness into a career path. She aspires to represent women who wish to build and maintain curves in a natural and healthy way. Nicole believes that health and wellness are about finding a balance unique to each individual, and that aesthetic improvement is only one of the many benefits that come from living a healthy lifestyle.

Nicole began her umbrella health and fitness company, Fit and Thick LLC, in October of 2013.

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