BIG Shoulders...WIDE Back with just 1 Exercise!

Sometimes when your day is busy and it’s tough to get in a long workout you need to be able to do 1 exercise that will target your shoulders and back at the same time.

Too often people will skip their workout all together instead of trying to figure out how they can get in a great shoulder exercise or back exercise…in the same exercise. It’s a principle I call muscle fire fusion. Taking two muscle groups that work well together and getting them to both contribute to the exercise.

The saying that the total is greater than the sum of its parts has never been more true. Watch this shoulder and back exercise combo and see for yourself how you can take your shoulder muscle growth and back thickness to a whole other level.

When you’re done watching this then make sure to head over to and get the entire system for building strong, lean and athletic muscle. Let celebrity physical therapist and former New York Mets strength coach Jeff Cavaliere show you exactly how he does it with his top pro athletes with his AthLEAN-X Training System.

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