Blue Collar Work Ethic | Cory Gregory

Gregory is a renaissance man of fitness: part powerlifter, part bodybuilder, and part business professional.
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When your program always changes, it makes sharing difficult. Cory Gregory can’t just write a gym log and say, “This is what I always do.” That, you see, would be a lie.

Gregory changes training programs like the weather. If you don’t believe us, just check this Twitter feed, @MusclepharmPres, which spits out daily workouts as fast and furious as the rap lyrics ringing through Gregory’s Ohio-based Old School Gym.

Gregory is a renaissance man of fitness: part powerlifter, part bodybuilder, and part business professional. Juggling these varied pursuits along with raising his family takes a level of discipline that few men possess. It’s all rooted in the fitness philosophy revealed in these videos, so listen up good!

Below you’ll find a sample program that Cory Gregory uses. It’s a dynamic mash-up of varying weightlifting principles. On one day he uses pyramid sets. On another day he does 1,000 bodyweight reps. On ab day, he blasts through 500 reps of differing exercises. He lifts weights, but uses resistance bands and even does cardio. It’s powerlifting and CrossFit, endurance and strength. In short, he does damn near everything.

The changes in his program lead to positive changes in his body. “It’s hard to define my overall philosophy because I am not really married to any one thing,” Gregory says. “I mix up all those things. That has also helped me keep myself stronger.”

Gregory’s body weight has fluctuated from 170 pounds (photo shoot ready) to 240 pounds (powerlifting), but increasingly, he occupies a middle ground, with flexibility to move quickly in either direction as circumstances dictate. “When I come out of that photo shoot, I might come out with some lower reps and some more powerlifting stuff to put on some size,” Cory says. “I’ll change it a little bit. We might be powerlifting and all of a sudden I go right back to an Arnold leg day just for fun.”


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